GFCF Diet Course (Founders)

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GFCF Diet Course (Founders)

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Special Opportunity For A Select Few

I am looking for 5 people (10 at most) who are interested in receiving an early look at course modules as they are created. 

I'm calling this group "Founders" because they will be helping me create the best resource out there for families. 

In exchange for exclusive sneak peaks and 80% off the regular price, Founders provide feedback on the modules, and share any questions they still have. 

This could be your chance to have YOUR specific questions answered. 

Why Become A Course Founder

As a Founder, you will of course get first access to the GFCF course, but you’ll also get much more.

Founders will be helping me create the best course possible, so you will have a chance to ask ALL the questions you have and get help with any areas you are struggling with.

Founders Will Also Receive:

  • $100 off the cost of the course (reg price= $125 Founder Price = $25)
  • An exclusive Founder Referral Program that lets you earn a 25% commision when you refer friends/family
  • Any future premium upgrades for no additional cost
  • Special Acknowledgement as a Founder within the course itself

Founders: What To Expect

I want Founders who are committed to improving the health of their families starting with the GFCF Diet.

Over the next several weeks, Founders will receive exclusive sneak peaks of the course modules as they are created, and I will ask for questions and honest feedback in exchange.

For instance, Do I need to simplify a section, or do I need to expand on a concept?

Is something missing? These are all questions I may ask you. The information you provide will help me refine and improve the content.

My goal is to make the transition to the GFCF Diet as easy as possible, and to make this course the best resource available. Input from Founders will help me do that.

Risk Free

If you are not satisfied with the final course, or if for whatever reason the course does not come to fruition, you will receive a full refund.

Ready To Make A Difference

Becoming a Course Founder is not about getting the course for cheap. It’s about creating something, together, that may improve the health and lives of numerous kids and their families. (including your own)

Projected Timeline:

Full Course Draft Ready: March 2020

Final Course Ready For Launch: April 2020

This product is not currently for sale.

As a Founder, you'll get sneak peaks to course modules as they are created. Plus, receive all the benefits outlined in your exclusive invitation.

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